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Get more, and have it done quickly with less resources spent

Reach the right customers more productively. Improve your conversion rates, revenues, and alignment between marketing and sales teams

We deal with:


Sales Funnels

Suitable for all businesses, drastically improve marketing and sale processes

Online Business Funnels

Vital for online business, increase your revenue with this solution

Webinar Funnels

Control flow of your visitors to make a great impact and impression

Product Launch Funnels

For startups and new products. Test and optimize your product

Opt-in Funnels

Lead generation and retention. Convert your prospects into leads, guide your leads and make money

We quickly build sales funnels that convert and grow your business

You need:

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of turning people who are strangers to your business into interested leads. This can be a time-consuming process for many business owners, but with automation, it’s like putting your lead generation on autopilot.


Automation facilitates engagement of your business leads with the goal of turning them into customers. It also facilitates engagement of your current customers to help customer retention and nudge current customers into upgraded services and products.


The most important function of marketing automation is closing the deal. This happens when money is given in exchange for your product offering.

Marketing Automation

Is not just messaging

it’s everything that inspires (stimulates & pushes) your customers to make an aсtion you need.

Means more than messages

it manages everything, including your own team that will affect the customer experience.

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Catch your audience, engage them and convert them into customers no matter where they are!

We offer multiple ways to message your customers

Marketing Automation

Sales CRM

Email marketing


SMS marketing

Site messages

Facebook Custom Audiences

When you reach your audience across platforms, you make sure your message gets heard

We provide you with all the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your business.
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What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Trust and awareness to your customer base.
Once your automation is set up, we do the hard work for you. We shall regularly check your automated processes and triggers for new data and improve them every time.
With automation, you no longer have to waste your time doing repetitive tasks. Automation is there, doing those tasks in the background for you so you can do more important work.
You would not need extra time or employee - Automation handles what you have no time for!
  • Sell more product
  • Sell more service
  • Fight off the competition

Tools list we work with:

Google Analytics
Google Adw
Landing pages
CRM solutions
Google Docs, Sheets
Zoho Suite
Facebook and Instagram Adw

Do you already use a sales funnel for your company?

Sell to other businesses ? There are funnels for that too!

GWS brings all of your digital marketing needs under one roof.
We create for you everything you need to sell and deliver your products!

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