International Dental Forum, event website

Project for "All-Ukrainian Association of Importers and Manufacturers of Dental Products"

Project goals and objectives:

Within a forum, an exhibition of novelties in the dental market and an international scientific-practical conference are organized annually.

Brand development for the International Dental Forum which will probably become one of the biggest dental events in Ukraine.

Website development for informing the forum target audience and participants registration.

Project duration – 3 months.


In view of short terms, we conducted most of the project development processes alongside with customer team. At the first stage of the project, we created project logo and key elements of the corporate style. Alongside, we were developing visual solutions for a brand book design and a series of layouts for advertising products and media, as well as promoting the project in social networks.

Website development:

The main goals of the website development are convenient user registration, publication of all forum materials, information on the speakers and the conference program, advertising of master classes. The project website was developed in two stages. At the first stage, a Landing Page was created for the project advertisement. After having received the working content, we created a full version of the website with a logical structure and navigation. Upon forum completion, the focus of the project main page was made on the photo gallery of the successfully held forum