Technical optimization adapts a website to modern algorithms of search robots, boosts your site’s rating and attracts more clients.

We offer several different configuration packages that will be important and necessary for the initial stage of your website promotion.

“basic” configuration package

  • Adjust regional settings / language browser settings
  • Adding Meta tags (technical content descriptions)
  • Page headers (titles) definition, headers (h1-h6) and images’ technical descriptions adding
  • Bugs fixing and optimization according search engine bots suggestions
  • SSL Certificate Installation

“premium” configuration package

“Basic” package, plus:

  • Registration and connection of Google monitoring systems
  • Sign up for basic Google analytics tools
  • Reindexing (after the website placement)
  • Monitoring and correction of bounce rates
  • Set up monitoring of visitor interaction with the page
  • Applying structured data and/or advanced page descriptions (according to page content)