Web development

We will create a unique, high-quality and efficient solution for your website.

  • Connection, trust and understanding

    Each web project is a unique journey that we create for the companies striving to develop and change the world around them. We value your trust and deliver superior results. You can find our best projects in the in the portfolio.

  • Consulting and project assessment

    Consulting by Goldweb specialists is an important part of every project what allows us to define a complete website strategy for the future. We study your business, analyze competitors and define clear goals.

  • The assessment of the project is carried out in two stages: a preliminary assessment based on a discussion or your brief, and having agreed on the details, we propose to sign a contract with the detailed description of your project details.

  • Preparing technical specification

    Creation of website technical specification helps to make a collaboration process clear and efficient for both sides. It provides key answers to all questions relating to your future website. The specification includes all aspects of the visual and functional part of the project and its further interaction with your visitors.

  • Web Design that makes you stand out ONLINE

    Ability to create unique design solutions for every web project is what makes us the most valuable for our customers.

  • Website design is your public image that should be not only visual but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs. This is where UI/UX design helps to ensure visitor’s easy & efficient interactions with your website. We take into account users’ behavior, trends and target audience characteristics. A proper information architecture enables an easy navigation and interesting infographics makes your website not only beautiful, but also convenient and understandable for users.

  • Responsive design. Be easily accessible on all devices

    A modern website should be properly displayed on all devices connected to the Internet (computers, tablets, mobile phones and other gadgets). Obviously, its interface should adapt to the technical platform and the size of the screen. This will allow your user to easy viewing and interaction with your website. Adaptive (responsive) design is not just a convenience but also a search engines’ demand. Is your website responsive enough?

  • Programming. Using our best coding practices.

    For our projects we usually choose one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) that would provide an optimal technical solution both in terms of development costs and further project support. We can implement integration with CRM / ERP or accounting systems on your demand. Flexibility of your website makes it quite simple for your employees to make some operational changes or content updates. Some other of the processes will be occurring automatically.

  • Website testing. Entering the final straight!

    Website is a very complex software product. Therefore, before launching, it is always tested in a closed mode, and only after that published online.