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Onsite SEO customization

Technical optimization adapts a website to modern algorithms of search robots, boosts your site’s rating and attracts more clients.

Choice your own SEO package

We offer several different configuration packages that will be important and necessary for the initial stage of your website promotion.

Basic package

  • Adding basic SEO information:
    – headers (tags h1-h6)
    – meta tags (technical description of the content)
    – page titles (title)
    – Technical descriptions of images (alt)
  • Configuration files:
    – robots.txt
    – .htaccess
    – sitemap.xml
  • Select regional / language parameters according to browser settings
  • Creating a Google Account
  • Connecting Google Analitycs monitoring system
  • Connecting Google Tag Manager
  • Indexing finished website using Google Search Console
  • Google recapcha registration
  • Testing in the Google PageSpeed Insights tool
  • Installing an SSL certificate (to create a secure connection)

Advanced package

Include Basic package and:

  • Adding the Open Graph meta tags (for links and social networks)
  • Creating a Yandex account
  • Yandex Metric monitoring system installations
  • Indexing finished website using Yandex Webmaster
  • Create a static micromarkup
  • Adjust the site according to the requirements of search engines Google Search Console and Yandex Webmaster
  • Registration in Google Bussiness and integration with Google Maps
  • Setting up analytics goals and monitoring conversions
  • Checking and correcting failure rates

Premium package

Include Basic, Advanced package and:

  • Registration in Goggle Adwords
  • Remarketing setting up
  • Connect the Facebook Pixel visitors monitoring
  • Split tests and interface optimization using Google Optimize
  • Dynamic micromarkup (for online stores, directory sites)
  • Chat services Integration
  • Google Surveys making
  • Connecting to MailChimp mail system (or similar – Sendpulse, Feedgee)
  • MailChimp integration with Facebook