Choosing a domain name, copyrights, logistics issues, social networks – this all should be considered when choosing your business name. But the most important is that the company name has to reflect the core of your business and be good enough, and catch. Try to avoid 4 most common naming mistakes.


Neglecting the needs of the world market

Internet allows the companies to sell products to their buyers worldwide. When a brand grows, a need for entering the markets of other countries emerges. Here may a problem occur if the name is difficult to translate or it has a sense only in a single language.


Desire to invent the most unique name

With the development of internet business there remained not so many good domain names. That’s why the entrepreneurs have to be cunning to invent an interesting name. But this is a risky path – there is a possibility of overdoing leading to further explanation of the company name to each customer.


Ambiguity may confuse the buyers

On one hand, you should not choose too unambiguous name – the company name shall support development and a long-term evolution. On the other hand, the company should be named so as the name would support growth within the short term.


Being obsessed with the .com domain

Today the price of certain domains within the .com zone may reach several tens of thousands – and it’s normal. At the same time, it is a huge barrier for newcomers: most likely a small company simply won’t have such amounts to purchase a domain name.


But there is a great number of alternatives – .me, .is, .club, etc. Entrepreneurs advise not to become obsessed with the .com domain and choose a domain name that will help to better express the core of the company business.



One simple advice – when choosing your business name, you should proceed from what it would mean to the buyer.


Test your ideas on your target audience. Avoid platitudes and clichés, clearly realize what are you selling in order to select the most appropriate name.