We propose you 5 books and textbooks that will help you to puzzle out the basics of web design or improve your skills for website creation. 


About Face – The Essentials of Interaction Design. Alan Cooper


Legendary textbook on operation for modern designers and experts in the field of digital products. Practical aspects of interface development set out in the publication shall help to enhance efficiency of interaction between designers and developers. The author devoted the major part of the book to the analysis of mistakes and defects occurring during the design process.


Web Design – Prioritizing Web Usability. Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger


Book about creating of usable for users and hence successful web resources. It contains recommendations of leading experts, description of common mistakes in usability, web pages and website modules loading speed. Information about search, menu and navigation optimization, use of multimedia, flash and intelligent design of resource appearance will be interesting for most of readers.


HTML5 for Web Designers. Jeremy Keith


Book for beginner experts. It tells about the history of evolvement of semantic markup language, its distinctive features, specifications and technologies. With the help of the textbook one will manage to learn to use JavaScript, work with multimedia, generate graphics on a server, use canvas and other technologies. The literature will be interesting for everyone engaged in the field of interface and web page development.


The Complete Manual of Typography. James Felici


The publication includes advices of typography experts, contains desktop publishing basics, provides details and rules of similar activities. Separately enclosed are supplements and comments from national makeup, design and printing experts. The textbook is intended for a general reader, and not only for printers or web developers.


Diary of a Maniac Designer. Yana Frank


Guidelines for action for experts in the field of design. It is already the third revised and extended by 6 chapters edition. The book will interestingly tell about main aspects of design, cover the issues and pitfalls for activities in the field of design. On the illustrated pages of this publication one can find answers to most of eternal questions and to learn where to find a perfect client, how to create a unique project without plagiarism, where get ideas from and how implement them in practice.