We share the experience of developing branding for our customers

As a result of many years of successful branding experience for our customers, we have identified the main processes of brand building and management.

  • researching competitors in your marketplace, on which we will deduce a new brand.
  • understand how to satisfy the needs of target audiences.
  • development of logo design, which will serve as a graphical embodiment of the brand idea.
  • think about all the details of the corporate style that can be successfully used on different media and will serve as a tool for remembering souvenir products, overalls, accidents, media products, packaging design, and more.
  • create verbal components of the brand: developing a slogan that will be easy to remember and causes the necessary associations, the formulation of a clear mission of the company, which will reflect the main goals of product existence.
  • create a site that will become a tool for presence and promotion of the brand on the Internet.
  • identify and formulate positioning that will differentiate your product from competitors’ suggestions and report all its benefits.
  • develop a brandbook that will guarantee the unified use of all elements of the corporate style. The brandbook will include a description of the main elements of the brand – content, features, individuality, purpose, philosophy. Also in the brandbook we will give key emphasis to the stylistics of addressing the audience in the basic communication channels. Brandbook systematizes all the nuances and features, gives a complete undestanding of the brand.
  • Creating a name (naming) that best reflects the essence of brand offerings will be easily memorized and profitable to be used in various communication channels. Is it possible to expand a brand with just one name?┬áThe unsuccessful name is a heavy anchor in creating a brand, and a good one is a great catalyst. f your brand name is securely fixed, you can move to the next checkpoint. If not, then we will create a name for your brand that will:

1. different from competitors.

2. composed of four or less warehouses.

3. logical and natural.

4. easy to write and pronounce.

5. good for use in different types advertising.