Vector Software, UX / UI, Web development, Onsite SEO


Vector Software is a newly-founded IT company with a global reach. Presently, it has branches in the UK, Norway, Australia, and Ukraine. The dedicated employees of the company are experts at creating top-level customized software solutions, as well as offering consulting services for various IT businesses. With the motto “Way to Perfection,” the company strives to showcase its core Scandinavian business philosophy in all projects.


The primary objective of the project was to create an effective UI/UX product with a unique design. The client agreed on the minimalism style, and with that, we had a green light to continue with the project. Before embarking on the development phase, we undertook a long-term discussion with the customer’s team to clarify all the needs and preferences. During the consulting stage, Goldweb Solutions provided detailed information on their requests, anticipations, and reasoning for the required functionality of the product.


It was quite challenging to create a website for a professional software company. Nevertheless, we dealt with the task successfully by leveraging our experience and pushing our limits. The basis of our excellent cooperation with the client was a good understanding. Apart from that, detailed research had proved invaluable for creating the perfect solution.
The unique animations and effects we implemented have significantly contributed to the originality of the design. This fact has been supported by the positive feedback provided by the first visitors of the new website. We have been keen to ensure that all attributes are met and that the product fulfills various modes of use, including Windows cross-browser specifications, Android, and iOS requirements. To wind up, we are proud of the solution we developed.

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