Quinola Mothergrain, UX / UI, Web development

The main challenge

The main challenge was to create a new web solution to be trendy and convenient for its users. Also, one of the goals was to develop a clear, easy-to-understand the site structure that could provide the easy way to show the benefits of all products.

Quinola Mothergrain sells the tasty and healthy delights of quinoa to a worldwide audience. Their mission is to make nutritious food easy to use and enjoyable, reduce ecological footprints and treat their suppliers fairly. All products are vegan and allergen-free.

We’ve created a new site with a focus on the healthy aspect of the quinoa and keen to explain to customers why quinoa is good for them.

Also, the project is focused on the Quinolas’ values because they are an important part of vision who they are.

The created website is 100% adaptive and meets all cross-browsers requirements for Windows, as well as for Android and iOS.

The project was developed with a unique design (UX / UI), attention to details of usability, and a has a modern look. Popular and stable WordPress was used as a backend solution.

To look through the finished project, please follow the link http://quinola.com/