Safe with a treasure, Branding and Web development

About project

Comprehensive project for an entertaining startup.

Development of name, logo, style guide, brand book for an exclusive tourist object that was created as interactive historical performances.

The final point of the project is the website development.

The performance is based on the historical legend of the little-known rarity of the Habsburg dynasty at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, arguably associated with Emperor Franz Josef. All information on the project is tied to this subject. The legend has a complex historical-romantic plot on the verge of detective history.

Objectives of the project

Creation of teaser branding which should intrigue, but do not reveal the core of the performance. The rarity should not be called and displayed. This applies to all branding elements – project name, logo, visualization options, advertising mockups, and website design. It is necessary to make an intrigue, impressions, and emotions that will become a magnet for potential visitors.

Additional messages for name and brand designing:

– Elitism;
– Portal into history;
– Supervalue of rarity.


Key points – muted gold in the name or sign.

Visual concept – retro style, background or contour architectural objects or fragments, characters, safe box, keys, retro illustrations.

Visual design should highlight historical and real high value of rarity.

Web site development

The website should be built in a unique design, with a number of visual animated effects. A background rarity video must be used to enhance the realism of perception. The website should be built in the landing page style, and its script should be a logical consequence of the project legend. The site should be fully responsive and meet all the present-day requirements to responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility for the desktop versions, as well as for Android and iOS.

The predicted conversion should be working for registration and performance ticket sale.

CMS Joomla is to be used for easy means of project maintenance and modifications.