SILVER EASEL, branding solution, UX / UI, web development

Main project objectives

The first challenge was the development of the project logo and key elements of visual identification.

The second step was the website development for easy registration of participants, informing of the contest terms and events, winners, etc.

The designed website is to evolve as a specialized internet platform for publishing information from artistic space.


We have created a stylish, laconic logo, and key elements of corporate identity. The stylized easel is a visual basis for the logo. The dark graphite color logo is placed on a light background. For a dark background, we recommend using an inverted version.

Website development

This development was a challenging and good experience for our team.

When working with people of art, sometimes it is not easy to find a compromise solution to the project design. During development, we proposed several options of unique design, improved the project architecture, and after testing, we significantly improved the interface (UI / UX) and modified the functional configuration.

On the site, participants are provided with information on past-years contests, coming events, terms of participation, convenient registration for participants, a publication of all materials of events, information on the jury, participants, and the contest program. The site is easy to be used on desktop computers, all popular browsers, and any Android and iOS-based gadgets.